konjac sponge
       pure white
       red clay
       bamboo charcoal
   konjac towel
   green tea konjac sponge
   konjac soap sponge
   konjac facemask
   nose strip
   natural sponge
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Wuhan ztop biotech corp. as a member company of HUBEI LIHENG INTL Group, authorized by the Hubei Industrial and Commercial Administration, China is established in April 2001 with a registered capital of USD 9million. Dealing with international trade as the leading business, and also combining international trade with domestic trade as the foundation, we have manufacture bases which are professional in export those konjac sponge, cleansing sponge, konjac towel,nose strip. e.g.natural sponge, wash face tools


Red clay, green tea, bamboo charcoal, lavender, Turmeric, plant flavour. konjac sponge

Having passed the international quality system certification, ISO9001:2000 and HACCP food safety management system certification.

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