konjac sponge
       pure white
       red clay
       bamboo charcoal
   konjac towel
   green tea konjac sponge
   konjac soap sponge
   konjac facemask
   nose strip
   natural sponge
   Wuhan ztop biotech corp. as a member company of HUBEI LIHENG INTL Group, authorized by the Hubei Industrial and Commercial Administration, China is established in April 2001 with a registered capital of USD 9million. Dealing with international trade as the leading business, and also combin......[More]

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ZTOP biotech Co., Ltd.
Address: No.1, Jiangda Road,Jianghan District,Wuhan, Hubei Province,P.R. China
UK office:239 Highstreet Kensington , Room 213, London  SW6 2BP          Megan  +44 7856447172